30 Day Challenge: Huge catch up post

So.. well... Due to a personal project and learning new stuff I took a few days off of the challenge. Now I'm several days behind (  several well spent days I have to say ) and have to catch up. Yesterday I did 3 topics and today 2 more. I hope I can make 2 more tomorrow but I have to prioritise my learning project a bit.

Anyways,  here we go:

Day 13: Secret shop

very rogh and unpolished but I had to save time. I'll make a day or two after the challenge where I finish up all the half or roughly done entries.

Day 14 and 15 combined: New armor and new weapon.

Basicly  just concept drawings. Very fast done. Some quick scetches and exploration of some designs followed up by a fast color wash over the chosen designs. Since our hero of the project is an adventurer / traveler, he has chosen to buy a better leather coat to keep himself warm and dry on rainy days. Besides that, a new, better made staff and a long knife to  better fend for himself if he gets into a similar situation as he had with the queen of waddlers.

Next up: day 16, New skill

One of the abilities of the cartographers feather is to bring things written or drawn with it to life. I know this one is nothing new or creative, since it has been done so many times. But well.. I often dream about having this kind of power so, why nit give it to the hero I had do paint after my image? :D

And last for today, but by no means least: day 17: The governor of the city

Again one fo those entries I'll finish up later on. I slowly get a grip on the workflow I used for the last couple of character pieces. There's still a lot to improve, but I think it is on a good way :)

So... thats it for now, big catchup post. But still, I'm around.. 3 or 4 days behind. I'll try to do 2 more tomorrow but I have to prioritise on my learning project since that stuff is a but more important than the challenge... ^^"