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Fanart: Black and White

Something unusual from me :D

My girlfriend made a short comic for a challenge a couple of days ago ( go watch her, she's awsome: )
I liked the style and story, as well as how she told it without written language, so I decided to make a little  artwork in a similar style.  ( besides that, she made me a shiny umbreon card as an exchange :D yay ).  I first tried to go all out with outlines, like in her comic. But I failed at that. When you don't usually work with outlines, they are really hard to deal with... gotta learn that stuff.
So I mixed in my usual workflow, combined with the use of the lasso tool. That came espacial in use for the leaves. Working with the lasso tool, combined with soft and hard edged brushes was a lot of fun... I might do some more experimenting with that.

It is a good exercise to try something new once in a while. It was challenging finding a new werkflow, following the styleguide provided by …

Project concepts

Just a bunch of concepts I did for a personal project.

All done rather quick and dirty. First Concept pass on the building featured in the project. During the concept phase I slowly switched the location from a barn to a little shed  near a house ( can be seen in the pencil scetches ). That scenery is a better fit for the story. Now back to the drawing board for the final concepts and the interrior stuff. Characters will follow as well. I had to prioritise on this project, which is why I had to pause on the 30 day challenge for a while. I'd rather fail at a challenge than not learn desperatly needed stuff ^^"
But I can return to the chellange during the weekend ( finally ). I have still 14 days to go. Luckiely the next challenge will start in january.. so theres still time :D

30 Day Challenge: Huge catch up post

So.. well... Due to a personal project and learning new stuff I took a few days off of the challenge. Now I'm several days behind (  several well spent days I have to say ) and have to catch up. Yesterday I did 3 topics and today 2 more. I hope I can make 2 more tomorrow but I have to prioritise my learning project a bit.

Anyways,  here we go:

Day 13: Secret shop

very rogh and unpolished but I had to save time. I'll make a day or two after the challenge where I finish up all the half or roughly done entries.

Day 14 and 15 combined: New armor and new weapon.

Basicly  just concept drawings. Very fast done. Some quick scetches and exploration of some designs followed up by a fast color wash over the chosen designs. Since our hero of the project is an adventurer / traveler, he has chosen to buy a better leather coat to keep himself warm and dry on rainy days. Besides that, a new, better made staff and a long knife to  better fend for himself if he gets into a similar situation as …