30 Day Challenge Days 6 and 7

Here we go again :) the next  two days are done! First: Dungeon entrance. The first dungeon is beneath a ruined city. It can be entered trough what seems to  be a old sewer outlet. It is said, that there is a vault under the city, in which the long gone citizens hid their secrets.

Currently the city is inhabited by a large group of waddlers. No one really knows why there is such a large concentration of them

The one for day 7: the dungeon boss. It is the reason why there are so many waddlers around, in and beneath the city. A giant female waddler, possibly a queen of some sort. Now one knows how exactly the waddlers reproduce, since nearly all caught have been male, or female without the ability to reproduce. This one guards the entrance to the vault, surrounded by hatched, and unhatched eggs.

I did'nt have much time for either of these, so I went with a few speedpaitning techniques. both took around 1.5 to 2.5 hours to finish. Well.. I still suck at lasndscapes.. especialy if it has to go fast... oO Well.. it can only get better with time.. an dmore studies.
The giant waddler on the other hand worked out quite well. As with the first waddler, I'll put a bit more time into them :)