30 Day Challenge, day #8

Finally got time again oO. I'm  behind scedule by 2 images I guess, which I will do tomorrow.
But for now, day 8:

That one way waaay out of the comfort zone for me. I have a hard time with interior stuff and complex perspective ( way way more of a hard time than I have with landscapes, which I also suck at ). After the scetches you see here:

I started the final one over and over again, but couldn't get the perspective right. That pesky round pard which I had to have ( I can get quite stubborn sometimes ), made it very confusing for me. So I read a lot of tutorials over the day, made some studies und tests on paper and finally came up with something that worked. It's in a very early stage but for now, I have to leave it like that. After I got up to speed with the days, which I plan to do tomorrow, I'll go back to this one and render it a bit more, fill it with life and stuff.