30 day Challenge # 11 and 12

Day 11 and 12 are here! Both NPC characters who live in the city

First of: the Merchant

One of the many merchants in the city. He buys and sells what some adventurers and travellers offer him. He also sells them some fine travel gear and once in a while he spits out a rumor or two about old dungeons and possible locations to explore.

Next one: NPC Citizen

This young woman is often around our hero to listen to the storys about his travels. She wants to be an adventurer too, but other obligations prevented that ever since. She slowly saves up money to be able to affort travel gear from the merchant and slowly but surely she gets closer to her goal. Her wish might be come true soon.

I'm fairly happy with both of them. I like the Merchant a bit more. Colours work well, Anatomy and gesture are fine. Descent work. The girl has some more issues I have to tackle. Pose is allright, but the colours and rendering are a bit of. I tried to give her a more tanned look, since she's of a poorer class and works often in the outside, so naturally her skin gets a tan. It didn't work out that well ithink. Aside from that, and the couple of anatomy issues she is "ok" I would say. Slowly but surely gettin better.... slowly but surely :)