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30 day Challenge # 11 and 12

Day 11 and 12 are here! Both NPC characters who live in the city

First of: the Merchant

One of the many merchants in the city. He buys and sells what some adventurers and travellers offer him. He also sells them some fine travel gear and once in a while he spits out a rumor or two about old dungeons and possible locations to explore.

Next one: NPC Citizen

This young woman is often around our hero to listen to the storys about his travels. She wants to be an adventurer too, but other obligations prevented that ever since. She slowly saves up money to be able to affort travel gear from the merchant and slowly but surely she gets closer to her goal. Her wish might be come true soon.

I'm fairly happy with both of them. I like the Merchant a bit more. Colours work well, Anatomy and gesture are fine. Descent work. The girl has some more issues I have to tackle. Pose is allright, but the colours and rendering are a bit of. I tried to give her a more tanned look, since she's of a poor…

30 day challenge, day 10: City gate

So here's day 10.

Like with all my landscapes, I'm not completly contempt with the result. the lighting is all over the plays, perspective is okish at best and dont get me startet on texture... :/
I'll have to look for some tutorials or painting videos on that subject matter, since I mostly struggle with finding a good workflow for landscapes. I don't really know where to start at all so in the end it becomes a mess.
But, I'll work a bit more on this as well,. Actually I' record the process of it to maybe see at what point I start to fail.
So in a couple of days I'll see to have it finished

I did do some scetches before hand for the design of the gate and the scene. I won't jump head on into landscapes like I do sometimes with other stuff oO

30 day Challenge day 9, The relic

Day 9 is here :)
This time, it is the relic / dungeon reward. It is the "Cartographers feather"

This feather was supposedly used by a legendary adventuress. She was the first to trravel the entire known continent and the one who made the first, precice maps. Her maps, or better sayed, copies and replica of them are still used. Some of them by our adventurer as well. Besides the maps and some legends of her travels,  more information about the live of the adventuress is lost. What secrets this ancient tool of scripture might hold ?

30 Day Challenge, day #8

Finally got time again oO. I'm  behind scedule by 2 images I guess, which I will do tomorrow.
But for now, day 8:

That one way waaay out of the comfort zone for me. I have a hard time with interior stuff and complex perspective ( way way more of a hard time than I have with landscapes, which I also suck at ). After the scetches you see here:

I started the final one over and over again, but couldn't get the perspective right. That pesky round pard which I had to have ( I can get quite stubborn sometimes ), made it very confusing for me. So I read a lot of tutorials over the day, made some studies und tests on paper and finally came up with something that worked. It's in a very early stage but for now, I have to leave it like that. After I got up to speed with the days, which I plan to do tomorrow, I'll go back to this one and render it a bit more, fill it with life and stuff.


The second appearance of the Peasant boy!
After a long day of hard work he stands beside the fields of his lord, relaxing in the setting sun.

Painting this was a very fun process. I learned a lot once again and I guess I improved my workflow a bit. I used ay mor masking and selections with this one. Besides that i had two refrence photos for the overall mood and colorscheme with me the whole time.

A video of the process is once again available :

30 Day Challenge Days 6 and 7

Here we go again :) the next  two days are done! First: Dungeon entrance. The first dungeon is beneath a ruined city. It can be entered trough what seems to  be a old sewer outlet. It is said, that there is a vault under the city, in which the long gone citizens hid their secrets.

Currently the city is inhabited by a large group of waddlers. No one really knows why there is such a large concentration of them

The one for day 7: the dungeon boss. It is the reason why there are so many waddlers around, in and beneath the city. A giant female waddler, possibly a queen of some sort. Now one knows how exactly the waddlers reproduce, since nearly all caught have been male, or female without the ability to reproduce. This one guards the entrance to the vault, surrounded by hatched, and unhatched eggs.

I did'nt have much time for either of these, so I went with a few speedpaitning techniques. both took around 1.5 to 2.5 hours to finish. Well.. I still suck at lasndscapes.. especialy if it …

30 Day chellange day 4 and 5!

I'm a bit behind scedule with that thing oO.... to much stuff going on at the moment. day 6 and 7 will follow tomorrow so that I'm  back in the one a day rhythm.

so heres day 4: Transportation

A rideable hog called Walter. Stirdy, strong, with an build-in radar for edible roots and shrooms :D

next up ist day 5: weak enemy

I call it: the waddler. A omnivorous amphibia living near many streams and lakes. It's only a threat if it attacks  unsuspecting pray or when it acts in a large group. I'll render that little fella a bit more, since I quite like how he turned out :D

Next up will be the dungeon gate and the dungeon boss. Both tomorrow :)

30 Day challenge #2 and #3

SO again to the 30 day challenge.  Didn't post yesterday because I ran veeery late with it

Day 2 : the villain

day 3: Companion

I'm not happy with day 2... had a reall ybad day yesterday..  but well, that happens. Day 3 on the other hand went quite well, considering that I'm not that good with painting animals oo!
The  challenge start's to form a little story in my head and it is quite fun to do :D I guess I'll do some scene scetches later on if more of the characters are done :)

Next up on th elist is transportation. guess it'll be a mount of some sort.. or a way of public transportation in their world :) lets see.

30 Day RPG Challenge, Day #1

So, theres a FB group called: 30 day Challengees 4 Artists. This months challenge is to create stuff for an RPG. the list for the Topics:

1. draw yourself as RPG`s main character 
2. villain 
3. companion/sidekick
4. transportation
5. weak enemy
6. interior design bar/tavern
7. dungeon gate
8. dungeon boss
9. relic - dungeon reward
10. city gate
11. NPC citizen
12. NPC merchant
13. Secret shop
14. new companion
15. new armor!
16. new weapons!
17. new skill!
18. local ruler/king/mayor/governer
19. home
20. (move to) new area
21. secret area
22. mythical creatures
23. stronger normal enemy
24. bandit lair
25. Stronger boss
26. ultimate skill/spell cast
27. ultimate weapon
28. ultimate armor
29. god/devil/whatever overpower mode
30. last boss

And here's my day one:

My humble self as the RPG's main Character :) 
Its not mandatory to do the topics in the listet order, but I went with it because I quite like how they sortet the topics :)  so tomorrow there will be the villain :) 


Just one of my practise paintings I thought worked out quite nice :)

Went a little more chaotic with the workflow.. I somehow have a hard time drawing digitally like I would with a pencil. Kinda stiff oO... well nothing that couldn't be fixed with practise. Here I started out with broad brushes and bigger shapes... much like I would with acrylics.

and for those interestet, here's  a sped up process video