Project scetchdump

Scetches from 2 projects I keep myself occupied with during my spare time.

I swich on a weekly basis between those two.

The first one is basicly my learning project. It'll be a little animation of a dragon hatchling emerging from his egg. This project is basicly a small size project pipeline: From the basic idea to concept scetches, envirorment scetches, animatics to the final product. I posted some early concept art and the first storyboard a little while ago :)- The things I practise here will be needed to do another project which willk be much bigger than the baby dragon thing :)

The second one Is a little story I'm working on. It is in an very very early stage so only a couple of scetches, drawings and ideas exist. I don't know in which direction this one will go. Animation, comic, motion book, or even a little game... I don't know right now o.o"

I'm not very good  in focusing the energy I have left after a lonmg workday, so I jump between those two usually once a week. but if I have a idea suitable to one of them, I'll jump imediatly D:

 well now... back to scetching!