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Project scetchdump

Scetches from 2 projects I keep myself occupied with during my spare time.

I swich on a weekly basis between those two.

The first one is basicly my learning project. It'll be a little animation of a dragon hatchling emerging from his egg. This project is basicly a small size project pipeline: From the basic idea to concept scetches, envirorment scetches, animatics to the final product. I posted some early concept art and the first storyboard a little while ago :)- The things I practise here will be needed to do another project which willk be much bigger than the baby dragon thing :)

The second one Is a little story I'm working on. It is in an very very early stage so only a couple of scetches, drawings and ideas exist. I don't know in which direction this one will go. Animation, comic, motion book, or even a little game... I don't know right now o.o"

I'm not very good  in focusing the energy I have left after a lonmg workday, so I jump between those two usuall…

Portrait practise and experimentation

More Practise stuff. Started yesterday and finished up this evening. i guess this one here took me around 6 to 7 hours in total

I experimented more with my layermode-workflow and so far it gets rit of the problems I have with choosing and mixing colour in photoshop.
Another experiment was the full on go on colour. Usually I start very dark and with a very low saturation. This time I went full on bright colours and high saturation, and worked my way down to lower saturations in the areas where they were needed.
So far I'm quite happy with the result. Zoomed to 100% in the wirkfile it looks quitechaotic with a lot of sparks of different colours glancing through, so... my usual problem with too dull colores seems to be fixed here. Anyways, there is still a lot to improove so onwards to the next one!

Dragon hatchling

That little fella took more time than expected (o.=" ).

I have mixed feelings towards  this image. On one hand, the rendering on the bodey works quite well, on the other hand I'm not satisfied with the colours and the stiffness of the bodey. I tried a new workflow which, thou it works fine, needs a lot more practise for it to work really well. Still need more practise ^^

I left the background flat on purpose, didn't want details on the dragon to interfere with  the possible details on the clounds. But I'll give it a try with  more detail in the background. A little bit of experimentation doesn't hurt :)
The never ending "learning by doing" is one of the most satisfying things in painting :D lets get it on!