Sculptris + Photoshop

I love Sculptris ! thanks Pixologic for providing it as a free tool ( but I still miss the proper Zbrush Demo :/ )
Anyways... I didn't use it for a while but by whatching someone streaming, a beginner which made good progress for his first time,  I got back into it.

Here's the model I made during the last weekend.

After This stage, I put it into photoshop. I have seen some guys using basic sculpts in their illustrations and conceptart and I haven't done this before, so I wanted to give it a try :) here's the result:

I'm not the kind of  guy who gives much credit to himself but... I'm really happy with the result right now...
There are still things to improve: subsuface scattering in the skin, reflections, details etc. So, onwards to more practise and learning!

I kept most of the layers and stages seperated  in folders, so  I'll make a step by step post later this week :) stay tuned! :)