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Sculptris + Photoshop

I love Sculptris ! thanks Pixologic for providing it as a free tool ( but I still miss the proper Zbrush Demo :/ )
Anyways... I didn't use it for a while but by whatching someone streaming, a beginner which made good progress for his first time,  I got back into it.

Here's the model I made during the last weekend.

After This stage, I put it into photoshop. I have seen some guys using basic sculpts in their illustrations and conceptart and I haven't done this before, so I wanted to give it a try :) here's the result:

I'm not the kind of  guy who gives much credit to himself but... I'm really happy with the result right now...
There are still things to improve: subsuface scattering in the skin, reflections, details etc. So, onwards to more practise and learning!

I kept most of the layers and stages seperated  in folders, so  I'll make a step by step post later this week :) stay tuned! :)

One more studie

One of my studies from this weekend :)
I'm doing quite many studies at the moment to fix my lack of skill and knowledge of colour, seeing colours and picking the right ones and so on.
here's the one I'm the most happy with

I did some landscape studies as well.. bit.. I suck at that :P I'll show some if I have a couple more :)