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Weekend studies

Just 2 of my studies from the weekend. Onwards to more!

Some quite quick paintings

Here are two " style tests"
I started the first one by mindlessly scetch around with a jagged brush and got this fighting pose out of it. I liked the workflow, so i tried to recreate is with  a bit more thought in the process. Worked out.. quite decent I think. I'll do more in this style this weekend. I hofe to gett a bit more loose with the brushstrokes thou... I'm still a bit to forcefull :/ but here we go:

And I really, really REALLY should do more studies :/

Little Sorcerer finished!

Heres the final version of the scetch I postet earlier. Working in this style and workflow was strange and different, but also very fun and interestening. I might try to incorporate coloured outlines a bit more in some experiments :D

Ah yes.. and once again theres a little sory to the guy and his little wyrm type sprite...  the folder for potential projects is getting really big now -.-" I need to focus on one at a time to get them finally done, damnit!