Work stuff again

A little update from work again :) mostly re-works of still existing creatures to match the CCG format of the game I'm working on. Its called nightbanes ( if you want to check it out :) )
I'm really happy with most of them

Croax, the greater raven deamon, evolution of the first raven demon i've uploaded some time ago

The demon "cow", yes, we have a cow level, somewhere... hidden.. in her pastures.. /(°° )

Infernal sheep. Well, thats very literal what it is. A blazing sheep from the dephts of the demonic realm. very  nice in the winter

The evil sheep! The big brother of the Infernal sheep... calmly whatching over the menace his little brother  has caused... thinking to himself: "Oh man not again!"

And the last for today, the infernal chaosmage. One of the shapeshifting, or in his case, element shifting bosses from Chronicles of Blood in his nightbanes iteration.

I'm very very happy to be able to do these re-paintings. The original iterations of them are now around 2 years old. To see the progress I've made in those years.. practise is everything :) I think I'll do a comperisson post some day where I set old and new ones face to face :). The stuff here is still far from being perfect, but steadily it improoves...  *happy*