Pokemon Fan Art

Jip, I like pokemon, and this one here in particular! My absolute and all time favorite: Umbreon ( german: Nachtara, both have a nice ring to it ). Love at first sight in gen 2, so many years back now, hell I'm getting old xD. It's time that I breed a good one in Y...

I wanted to make an umbreon artwork for quite some time now, but all the ideas I had didn't stick with me, then, just a couple of days back while planing my eveelutions team, that image got stuck in my head. So I started out with some thumbnails, piced one and painted this image over the course of 4 to 5 days. I only spent around 2 hours per day on it, since I had some other stuff to do as well, but I'm happy with the result!
there are some issues with the perspecitve thou, but all in all.. I'm happy :) I tried to use very vibrant colours here.. the saturation went a little bit over board ^^" but I like the feel of it none the less :)

and once again, I recorded the process:

The new workflow I developed  during the last few paitnings suits me very well. I work with a mixture of normal, multiply and linear / color dodge layers now, which helps me a great deal in mixing up colours in Photoshop.. helps preventing the dulling down which can be quite annoying some times. As  another addition to my workflow: the all mighty " mixer brush", a newer brush tool in Photoshop ( guess it has been there since CS5). That thing combines with the right brush-tips brings a nice painterly feel to a digital piece and makes mixing colours on the image seem like painting with oils or gouache. Some folks use it a great deal for speedpaintings... there is definetly much use :D

FYI, here are some steps of the process. The initial scetch and 2 in process shots :)