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Pokemon Fan Art

Jip, I like pokemon, and this one here in particular! My absolute and all time favorite: Umbreon ( german: Nachtara, both have a nice ring to it ). Love at first sight in gen 2, so many years back now, hell I'm getting old xD. It's time that I breed a good one in Y...

I wanted to make an umbreon artwork for quite some time now, but all the ideas I had didn't stick with me, then, just a couple of days back while planing my eveelutions team, that image got stuck in my head. So I started out with some thumbnails, piced one and painted this image over the course of 4 to 5 days. I only spent around 2 hours per day on it, since I had some other stuff to do as well, but I'm happy with the result!
there are some issues with the perspecitve thou, but all in all.. I'm happy :) I tried to use very vibrant colours here.. the saturation went a little bit over board ^^" but I like the feel of it none the less :)

and once again, I recorded the process:

The new workflow I dev…

Goblin Rocketeer

New Illustration and a new process Video!

Had much fun while painting this one :). Some new techneques I learned during the last weeks came very in hand in this one :). Nowadays I work with many layer-modes like multiply, linear dodge and color dodge to make my image smore vibrant or to bring a bit more colour into the shading. It works quite well and can bring  very different results, depending on how it is used.

Work stuff again

A little update from work again :) mostly re-works of still existing creatures to match the CCG format of the game I'm working on. Its called nightbanes ( if you want to check it out :) ) I'm really happy with most of them

Croax, the greater raven deamon, evolution of the first raven demon i've uploaded some time ago

The demon "cow", yes, we have a cow level, somewhere... hidden.. in her pastures.. /(°° )

Infernal sheep. Well, thats very literal what it is. A blazing sheep from the dephts of the demonic realm. very  nice in the winter

The evil sheep! The big brother of the Infernal sheep... calmly whatching over the menace his little brother  has caused... thinking to himself: "Oh man not again!"

And the last for today, the infernal chaosmage. One of the shapeshifting, or in his case, element shifting bosses from Chronicles of Blood in his nightbanes iteration.

I'm very very happy to be able to do these re-paintings. The or…