The Scribe / Artist

Some new Character Illustration ;)

A scribe, or maybe a artist.. I'm not sure my self by now. He is based on a scetch I did für a bigger Illustration i'm trying to finish till friday noon. During the work on the Illustration, once again, a loose story evolved in my mind, about a scribe and or artist working on something he shouldn't do and whatnot. like I sayed, loose concept :D ( One more on the list.. Damn.. oô...)
Anyways, It was helpful to work on the character itself in order to improove the bigger illustration. Now I know more about the details that will be in the Image, about the expression he will have, colors and so on. So, onwards to the illustration :D Chaka!

by the way, here are some closeups  of the character in working size. Maybe its something you like to see :)