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Weekend stuff

Just a little weekend update.
Three of the practise drawings I did during the weekend. I got some new brushes which I wanted to give a try and hell yeah, some of them are really awsome!  Especially the "Charcoal" one I mostly used for those three. Its especially great in the beginning phase of a drawing :)

I'll do some more now. The day has still some hours left ;)

Ancient construct

Ancient construct, or " Golden Golem".
This Image was done for the Facebook group " Daily Spitpaint ". There, you get a 30 minute time limit in which you have to make a painting to one of some given topics. I Recorded the 30 minutes to better keep track of the time. I liked how the 30 minute status looked, so I desided to finish it up after wards.

The final image here took me 6 hours and 15 minutes in total. But once again I lost so much dynamic during the process... thanks to the recorded Video I start to see where I went wrong.

Here's the state at 30 minutes. Its much more alive and dynamic... I need to learn how to preserve that in a fully rendered image as well.

And like I sayed, I recorded the process :)


Just a bunch of character scetches from this day. Nothing special :)

The Scribe / Artist

Some new Character Illustration ;)

A scribe, or maybe a artist.. I'm not sure my self by now. He is based on a scetch I did für a bigger Illustration i'm trying to finish till friday noon. During the work on the Illustration, once again, a loose story evolved in my mind, about a scribe and or artist working on something he shouldn't do and whatnot. like I sayed, loose concept :D ( One more on the list.. Damn.. oô...)
Anyways, It was helpful to work on the character itself in order to improove the bigger illustration. Now I know more about the details that will be in the Image, about the expression he will have, colors and so on. So, onwards to the illustration :D Chaka!

by the way, here are some closeups  of the character in working size. Maybe its something you like to see :)