Some Paintings from work again :)

I thought it was time to share some paintings from work again. They are all several months old by now so I can show them in my portfolios. Some of them are re-done or revisited versions of older works. I love it when I get the time and chance to revisit older stuff and improve them, since that gives me a good view on how much ( or less D: ) I have improved over the last year, and I think... I've gotten better, bit by bit... :)

They are all in the in-game size. Since they are so small in their final form, I was able to save much time by missing out on details wich, I must add, wasn't that easy oO.... I have the habit of wanting many details... there lies a big flaw in my workflow.. oftentimes I get to focust on rendering, details and all that stuff, that I render my works to death, loosing the flow and energy of the initial hours... I need to keep a cool head amit the painting process... well.. all comes with practise. :)