My little personal project

I think I can show some of this stuff :)
During the last weeks I was working on a personal project. It's more of a learning and reserch project than a real fully fleshed thing.
Its about the birth of a Dragon

It will be a little animation of how the dragon hatches from his egg.  Like I sayed, nothing  special :D. During this project, I'll learn some 3D for camera mapping and rendering, modelling, animation of the character and the effects, compositing in aftereffects and rendering.
This project will also be a nice addition to my portfolio because I want to document the creation of it with videos and making of posts.

So far I have the storyboard, some moodboards and designs for the assets in the animation. I have many scetches for the baby dragon itself, for his movements and his fire. All of thos will be postet in time.

Today I did a livestream where I made some more dragon scetches. I wasn't happy whith his design ( and I'm still not) but I thing I'm on a good way :)

During this Project, I'll do more livestreams, showing the process. I Hope that I can record them aswell.. would be great for the documentary afterwards.

I'll go now and do some more baby dragons. there's still much to do :)