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Some Paintings from work again :)

I thought it was time to share some paintings from work again. They are all several months old by now so I can show them in my portfolios. Some of them are re-done or revisited versions of older works. I love it when I get the time and chance to revisit older stuff and improve them, since that gives me a good view on how much ( or less D: ) I have improved over the last year, and I think... I've gotten better, bit by bit... :)

They are all in the in-game size. Since they are so small in their final form, I was able to save much time by missing out on details wich, I must add, wasn't that easy oO.... I have the habit of wanting many details... there lies a big flaw in my workflow.. oftentimes I get to focust on rendering, details and all that stuff, that I render my works to death, loosing the flow and energy of the initial hours... I need to keep a cool head amit the painting process... well.. all comes with practise. :)

Marker Warriors!

Some traditional drawings for this time :) It has been a long time since I last drew with markers.
They worked fantasticly on that kind of paper. Love how the gradiants worked :)
I used Touch Markers. They work the same as Copics, but only cost the half. I like them quite  lot for traditional stuff. The highlights are done with white ink and white gouache.

I'll make some more of them, maybe a little series. But I'll have to wait untill I get some new markers. My girlfriend emptied the ones I used for them quite a bit :D

My little personal project

I think I can show some of this stuff :)
During the last weeks I was working on a personal project. It's more of a learning and reserch project than a real fully fleshed thing.
Its about the birth of a Dragon

It will be a little animation of how the dragon hatches from his egg.  Like I sayed, nothing  special :D. During this project, I'll learn some 3D for camera mapping and rendering, modelling, animation of the character and the effects, compositing in aftereffects and rendering.
This project will also be a nice addition to my portfolio because I want to document the creation of it with videos and making of posts.

So far I have the storyboard, some moodboards and designs for the assets in the animation. I have many scetches for the baby dragon itself, for his movements and his fire. All of thos will be postet in time.

Today I did a livestream where I made some more dragon scetches. I wasn't happy whith his design ( and I'm still not) but I thing I'm on a good way…

On the march

This one took a while *phew*

It startet out as a mere speedpainting, not much details just plane atmosphere. I liked how it turned out so I spend a couple ( and by that I mean a lot ) refining the details in the armore and the clouds, which took the most time to be done to my satisfaction.
All in all I'm very happy whith how it turned out! During the process I learnd  more about  hue / saturation layers and how well they can work together with the curves when you try to establish a mood very quickly. And I must say: as soon as the mood  is established, the rest of the painting is a piece of cake :D *nom*

I'll let it sit for a while and come backt to it later. I had some more details behind the fog in mind, but I'm not shure if they would fit or break the image...  but we'll see. I'll try my idea  later and look what happens. The great thing when working digitally :D yay