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I wish you a dragonic christmas!

A little christmas presten for all of my followers :)
I wish you good and relaxing holidays and hope you had a  great day of christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate these days :)

Once again there is a process video on my youtube channel :)

The wanderer

This illustration was especially fun to paint :) I really love such light-situation, and I love to paint them. Its quite relaxing and a bit meditative some times ;)

This time I had the final image in mind from the start, and the final result matches the idea very closely, BUT, I see my weaknesses again: Painting of faces, Skintones in  different lighting situations and a pinch of anatomie. Nothing which couldn't be fixed with more practise! And like the man in this picture, at the dawn of his journey, so do I go back to my drawings :)

Video-process can be seen here: