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Even the Orcs enjoy music :)

Litle painting from over the weekend :)  Its not 100 percent finished, there are some issues with the nose left,
but I think it can be shared in this state.
I'll work on it a little more, and maybe I'll animate some pats of it. A littl bit of wind in the hair, an animated display on the mp3 Player.... particles :D.

But what does he listn to?

A Samhain night

A little piece of art to celebrate Samhain, better known as Halloween in the modern days. Got the idea a couple of days ago and finished it this halloween evening!

the process can be seen here:

The little animation  at the end was kind of fund and a silly idea :D i'm quite bad with after effects right now, but I wanted to add this little " effect " to it for halloween. Creating this was a lot of fun and learning... maybe I should do more, and then better stuff like that in the future :)