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Gnomish Sellsword

Just a little character painting, nothing too fancy or polished. I had the scetch laying around and thought, he would do good  in digital color. And so here he is: Giesbert Kleinlinge ( Giesbert Littleblade ), a gnome sellsord in some Duke's army :) 

A video of the Process can be found here:

The third day

Hello Folks!
This time we got a fan art to one of my most beloved games of the Legend of Zelda franchise: Majoras Mask

I've always imagined how it must be to constandly fight for three days without sleep and facing a fierce demon afterwards. I tried to show that in this Image ( but I could've gone more extreme thou )
I had much fun painting this one, especially with my new selfmade custom brushes :) they bring the feeling of dry paintbrushes and coloured pencils into the digital realm, which I find quite nice since I mostly scetch whith coloured pencils.

I made my own design of the Gilded sword. The ingame model looks a bit strange ^^. I love the German name of it, which is: Schmirgel Klinge.

Once again I've recorded the process:

Raven demon

Again something from work :) the next creature I got the time to redo. Since the previous version was really awful... but as always: i'ts great to see how much one can improve over roughly two years :)

Working on this one was great. It went very well. I got the idea quite fast and could establish the mood quite nicely. A couple of days ago I made a couple of custom brushes which mimik  dry brushes and coloured pencils. They were of good use in this image, but they are far from being perfect. I have to tweak them a little more.