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Red Mage

Some little character painting from the last weekend, nothing special :)
I did an original pencil scetch of him during a  Civ 5 session while waiting for my co-players to finish their turns. I liked the scetch, so I decided to flash it out :)
The digital work took me around 5.5 hours to this state. hmm... so whats next ? oô

And there's a video of the process

traditional media!

Hey guys! something different from the usual stuff going on here.
From time to time I do traditional paitning as well. especially when my pc is rendering a new video and can't be used for art. Most of the time I do scetches and marker stuff then, but I also love oils and gouache.
While painting with oils is quite stressful, all the preparations and cleanup and smell,  gouache is  a nice way to go. Water despensable colour which behave a bit like oils, but dry much faster. so, long story short, painting is awsome!

The goblin bard

Hello guys!
Here's the finished version of the WIP from the last time :)

It was really fun to paint to that state. It took me about 17 hours to finish, starting from some Pencil scetches and concepts up to the finished digital Painting you see here.

Once again I recorded the process as a video, linked below the image.

WIP #3

And number 3 of the wip Posts.
Currently I'm wokin on 3 illustrations at once, bouncing between them every couple of hours. That keeps the mind clean of "production-blindness". This one is quite near finished, since I put another 4 hours in after that WIP save. I Think 2 of the Illustrations, the last and this WIP, will be done during the week.