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First 3D sculpt!

Finally found the time to try out Sculptris, a 3D sculpting software from the makers of ZBrush.
Its like " demo version " of Zbrush, focused soley on the sculpting aspect.
I tried for some time to get into 3d sculpting.. but Zbrush is qute expensive for a beginner, so I was very happy to find, that the guys over at pixologic released that neat little software :)

so well, this is my first try:

Just a little goblin dude :D

WIP #2

the second wip to show you : ) i'll do a whole step by step post of this image, once it's done. but for now just the current state. I'm around 5 hours in by now, started it as a grayscale underpaiting on a fairly high resolution, since I want to make a poster of that one :)


The pic of the last WIP is finally done! alongside with the video :), which is, wha it took so long. Rendering 25, 50 minute videos and cut to 7 minutes etc takes a looot of time xD
anyways here's the pic:

I'm quite happy with it, besides some things I clearly have to improove like lightdirection, setting up more complex scenes and the occationally anatomy stuff that comes along with it. BUT, there's no givin' up, just getting better!

aaand here's the video :

enjoy :)