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First livestream ( since 4 years, or so :D )

First livestream done!
It was great to stream again :) 2 hours of painting and talking with the viewers and a quite good result too!
beware folks! beware of Erwyn the young troll!

it's not finished yet but for 2 hours with streaming lag a quite good result :)
I'm looking forward to the next stream!

FYI: there you can watch the streama and a VOD  will follow on youtube ;)

December chellange #2

Next post for the december chellange i'm participating :D

This time 3 digital scetches. Not quite polished but quite OK I think.

First we have the Cyclops-Girl and the Venusflytrap-Girl. The last one is a Reaper-Girl.
Like I said, these are just scetches for now. I'll polish them more when I have the time for it :)

In Case of the Reaper Girl I might have  some piece of lore for you once it is finished :)

December Chellange !

Heyho folks!
I joined a december-chellange where I have to draw one " Monster Girl" per day during the whole december. 2 are done, the one for this day is about to be finished and will be uploaded  later this day or tomorrow together with the girl for tomorrow.

Here we go!
Zombie and Goblinoid girl :)

I should draw mor traditionally from time to time :/