Some stuff from work :)

Hello hello! finally I can upload again!!!

I had some serious problems with uploading any sort of data...
BUT I got a new connection and equipment in that regard so regular updates and uploads will follow :)

Lets start of with some stuff from work.

I had the time  to (finally) rework some old creatures from the game Cronicles of blood. The originals are now more than 2 years old and 'im happy to see my improvement! :D

here the old and New one:

The Wildboar
It was the first creature I made für the game and the first to be redone:

 Presented in a little before - after image :) it's always nice to compare to your self every couple of years to see your improvement. I think I got much better.. can't belive I got the job  2 years ago oO

Next one: the wolf:

The second one I was allowed to redo. I'm still not great in painting animals, but reference can save your ass at work :D

Third one: the Terrorbear

These are 3 of 6 creatures I reworked so far. More to come in the next posts.

In general I'll start to post some stuff from work, cause the most things I paint to a finish these days are stuff from work anyways. But from now and then I might upload some traditional scetches as well :)