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The Bear

New finished Illustration and video!
One of my many OC's out of one of many ( unfinished ._.) story ideas

Not much more to say about him ôo

I worked around 8 hours over several days on it. Around 2 h. per day.

My own Youtube channel background

Finally done and finally a new video!
I created my own youtube background last week and made a video of the process!
The video itself made some problems as it refused to render at a certain frame  o.o".  well. Problem solved  with the cut-tool ò.ó mwahaha.

Jetzt, da das uploaden wieder funktioniert, wird es zeit mehr Videos zu machen. Das nächste rendert quasi schon :)

From scholars and rageing werewolfs

More workstuff to go!
these are the 2 Illustrations from work i like the most so far.

The forst one goes under the name: The Scholar. I emediatly saw this before my eyes when my boss told me what kind of servant the Scholar should be

The second one is called Wrath. He is based on the deadly sin and one of the creatures from  a 7 sins based dungeon in COB

Some stuff from work :)

Hello hello! finally I can upload again!!!

I had some serious problems with uploading any sort of data...
BUT I got a new connection and equipment in that regard so regular updates and uploads will follow :)

Lets start of with some stuff from work.

I had the time  to (finally) rework some old creatures from the game Cronicles of blood. The originals are now more than 2 years old and 'im happy to see my improvement! :D

here the old and New one:

The Wildboar
It was the first creature I made für the game and the first to be redone:

 Presented in a little before - after image :) it's always nice to compare to your self every couple of years to see your improvement. I think I got much better.. can't belive I got the job  2 years ago oO

Next one: the wolf:

The second one I was allowed to redo. I'm still not great in painting animals, but reference can save your ass at work :D

Third one: the Terrorbear

These are 3 of 6 creatures I reworked so far. More to come in the next pos…