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just more practise

Just more practise here, nothing special :)

Female warrior concept froma  personal project. more to come!
but for now.. i'll practise more. need to get better!

New finished piece, and somethign strange

Hello folks!
Finally a finished, fully rendered Artwork.
This one took me quite a while. about.. 10 h I guess, stretched over several weekends, due to i have  a tone to do for work @.@

well. A while ago, since i got my new Screen,  i encountered a. lets say problem.
As my artworks looked  as i want them to look during I showed them in photoshop, as soon as I saved them as JPG file and viewer them  in the picture viewer or in a browser, they got heavylie oversaturated. I researced,  tryed out, and as i set the settings of photoshop to " monitor" i finally saw them how they really where. ok,  problem fixed I thought...
but,  as I saved them again, they where  sightly oversaturated agein.
the solution there: I disabled the option:  convert to s-rgb in the save for web and divices menu. Well.. bit i still feel, i did something wrong oO maybe someone can tell me how to ajust the options in photoshop, so that i  see what is really there, and dont get the surprise that everything i…