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Practise!!! and a wip!

Heyhou!.  just a practise pice here:

done with a foto refrence.  just for practise sake. hm... there is much i have to improve..  style.. skill.. everything.... neeeeeed!


wip of the art i'm currently working on. next wip will follow tomorrow.. or the finished one.
It's for apersonal project of mine. more art belonging to the project will follow soon,  together with more informations :) hope you like it ^^.

2 new paintings + Process!


new ones,  done a few weeks ago ( I need to upload here more frequently! )
but I was away on a short  vocation :)  I tried out Camtasia for capturing my processes. Its fun :D so maybe I buy it and capture more in the future.

so here they are!

And here we have the processes!

Thats all for now! more to come soon :)