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more practising!

next one!

artrage and photoshop!


heyhou! some more practise! this  time i tried to catch some mood!, but i'll finish   this up with more detail later on.  its kinda hard  atm to catch the mood of a scene  oô.. need ... more.. practise!

WIP time 2!

WIP fromt he piece i'm currently workin' on.
The idea came out of the sudden while practising landscapes (  weird I know oô.. maybe the  bottle of mead i trank while studieing this weekend, had something to do with it  ). Anyways,  this is where I am so far

Very greenish atm, but this is just the  first color wash. I'll go for some warmer tones in the bright parts.
Next WIP will follow for sure.
Besides I do constand studieing, so some of them will follow too.

C ya and paintin' till death!

the next one!

heyho! next finished  artwork!
a more rendered piece this time, no ref used, done from scratch. i feel slightly confident with this one so far, but there is still much room for improvement.

studies studies!

next cuple of studies!, done today and yesterday!
photo ref used.
i did some of them for practising color at first, anatomy and general  painting at second.
this weekend i'll get some livedrawing, maybe in the zoo, maybe  in a museum or just out on the streets!

c ya

first one,  done yesterday in about 2 h or 3  maybe

done today in aproximatly 2 hours