Sunday, May 15, 2011

long time since last post

heyho folks!
sry for the ling abstinence on the blog. was  very busy at work and havn't hat much time for personal drawings.
 i made many sketches  in my scetchbook that i  can't upload here since the  book is bigger than the scanner :p

but i finished a  nice piece  yesterday and want to share it AND reactivate the blog.
please kick my ass by commenting so that i  keep on bloggin! ^^

so here we go:

atm i work on  landscape practise artwork that i'll  blog   tomorr... today xD  in the evenign.. omgosh its almost  1:15 am.... well.. back to paintin.. finally!


  1. ganz im Ernst: ich bin eben fast vom Stuhl gefallen :D

    Respekt Respekt Respekt! einfach geniale Arbeit :) weiter so