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WIP newest artwork

so,  my next post not in the weekend... but anywasy, monday should be good enought.
this thime i have the wip for the picture i'm  currently working on from the  beginnin to the current state of progress.

so lets start:

first step: basic scetch and  composition.  sartet this on a very low resolution of  aprox. 600 pixels wide and  300 high. I layed down the basic forms and shapes, scetched around like crazy. with the  red marks there i defined the point's of interrest ( i'll call them only P.o.i later ) and wrot in some ideas for the mood

second step: started to render the first ideas  for the tones

number 3: the final one for the tones.  as you may see, i moved the  mountain a bit more into the center, and the place whats now the base of a city is moved a little bit to the left out side. thas just for making the picture more readyble in the end. the eye should walk a path between the  3 parts, and a little more space  gives him a nice travel :P

4: after i feel confident w…
long time no see
was very busy the last weeks, months?  and had a hard time.
but i've done many studies, scetches and general work to improve myself. so here i'll post some  studie stuff beginnin with the oldest

they are only a few. but i dont want to spam here :P
but i have to be more constand with posting my progress... next post on the weekend. i promise!