Monday, May 3, 2010

First upload here.

Well well, here are some of my rescent studies i did during the last 2 weeks.
I try to do at least 1 study per day ( according to the one  drawing a day principe ). But cause of my fulltimejob, where the most of my energy and concentration is used for, it is often cut down to a study all 2 or 3 day's... Sadly,  but I try to kick myself in the ass to get fucking up and draw more. I need to improof! but enough of the words, here we go!


  1. wow, tolle Zeichnungen :) der alte Mann gefällt mir besonders... oder ist das ein Zwerg? ^^"

  2. alter mann ^^ en zwerg kommt wenn ich ne kleine digitalkamera hab. das A3 skizzenbuch is zum scannen seeeeehr unpraktisch xD