Sunday, February 19, 2017

Daily Drawings week 11

Work has gripped me again lately, so I missed one or two dailies this time as well... I also had move the weeks summery to today.. well. I think I'll continue posting the summery on Sunday for the next weeks. Makes a bit more sense anyways.
On to the drawings!

62: I've gone through my my older paintings lately since I want to print a few of them. I rediscovered my farmboy diorama and remembered how much I like the concept of such diorama drawings in general so I did one for that day. It found his way into my "gonna go back to that one later" folder. There's not much of storytelling right now, definetly something that has to improve before I make a painting out of this drawing.

63: A quick cool down comfort zone drawing to end the day. Not much to say here :)

64: The valentines day one. A self portrait based on how I felt that day, since I'm alone atm I prefer to chill somewhere and draw. I personally don't like the concept of valentines day as I think you can always think of and enjoy time with your significant other, still, I appreciate the positive atmosphere and happiness of the people on dates that day. Me not liking something is no reason to make it bad for others too ;)

65: Portrait practice, not much else to say, moving on!

66: Lady curls cleaning company ready for action! Drawn after a small tidy up action evolved into a spring cleaning spree. If I had the help of such a professional team it would not have taken me 4 hours to do.

67: Aah, happy day. Once a month there is a medieval themed dance night in a local metal / gothic / alternative club which I love! I usually dance too much for my own good and have sore muscles for two days after it.. but it is so worth it! I had a really good night, meeting old friends, making new ones, hence this drawing the day after. Based on me and what I'm usually wearing when I'm there ;)

68: A bad guy? where?! Well, this attack did not go as the brigand intended. The stun this little lad used is seriously OP and needs a nerf.
The drawing is based on a sketch I did during the Munich Drink and Draw yesterday.

There was much socializing this weekend... and it felt good. very, very good! I don't get to do much with people due to my current job and commuting and tent to grow lonely after a while.. But there's this one week where everything falls together, from medieval dance night to Drink and Draw and it recharges both my human and creative batteries.
If you often sit at home and start to feel bad but don't really know why, it might be exactly that. As humans we are generally social creatures and get sick being alone for too long. Go out there, draw outside or in a cafe, listen and watch other people, talk to them or let them talk to you. Some are strange, some are bad, true, but most are kind, open and seriously interested in what you do. I'm sure your health and mood will improve. It might be draining at first, but it is worth a try :)
Sure, this does not fit to everybody, some are really introverted and don't need this. I thought myself to be an introvert for a very long time, but due to "recent" events I discovered that to be not really the case and I've learned, that we don't know much about ourselves if we don't push our boundaries.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Daily Drawings week 10

Ten weeks in now... crazy. I thought it was hard when I started the dailies back in December.. but now it has grown into a very important habit and I feel bad when I miss a day. Before I started the dailies, I was in a really bad shape in regards to my drawing habit and I lost a great deal of passion for it. It feels as if something that has been asleep since I started working professionally has finally been woken up... good times, good times!

So on to the drawings!

56: Irmin, friend and party member of Baldwyn, the enchanter of last week. Since I got to draw him I thought to myself: why not draw the other cast members on the video day as well? And so I did. Let's see if I have an idea for the third member of the team for the next video recording.

57: A group of travelers on the way to a rather famous and sometimes elusive inn: the Smirking Hog.
This week I got into one of my favorite topics again: traveling and wanderlust. I like drawing characters on a journey to somewhere, or as it is the case with the good old wanderlust, a journey for the journey's sake.

58: random midweek character. As it is often with the working day's, I don't have much freetime on my hands so I resort to smaller things for those days 

59: Mother and child traveling together. Inspired by a mother and her child I met on the commute. The young boy seemed very active for his age and was fascinated by me drawing. he couldn't keep his eyes away and, pointed at me, my tablet and pens always asking: this? in his broken baby talk.

60: random fencer woman. Trying to get more dynamic with poses, followed by a rush of self doubt, anger and an hour of figure drawing :'D I'm mixed about her. The pose itself seems all right, it feels dynamic. But the proportions are a bit out of wack. Still so much to learn!

61: We all know that. Sitting at the boat stop waiting for the next raid party to pick us up. In moments like this it is great to have a portable hobby like drawing, or in his case wood carving. I hope he doesn't have to wait too long.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Drawings week 9 ( sort of )

This week was a rough one... I hurt the shoulder of my drawing arm during sport last Sunday and hat to rest it for a few day's, since I couldn't lift the arm without a surge of pain. Because of that, I only managed to do four dailies... Always stretch and warm up properly before sport, especially when you get " older "! Anyways, on to the few drawings!

52: Baldwyn, again a character of one of my story concepts. I've had the idea for him and the story he belongs to about two or three years ago and I didn't draw him and the other cast in a very long time. That's what I love the the most about this daily routine: I get to all the things I had to leave or ignored for so long.. and each passing day I get more and more motivated! I highly recommend you pic up a daily routine as well! It kills every sign of an art block ;)

As with last weeks Saturday drawing I recorded the drawing process after the initial thumbnail for my Youtube Channel:

53: A random dwarf the day after I hurt my arm. I soldiered through that day with painkillers and decided to visit the doc  the next day as I couldn't lift a glass of water in the evening with that arm. Again, don't be stupid! Sport is important for your health, but don't forget to properly warm up before you get at it!

54: Another random dude drawn with the last remnants of pain. I'm not that happy with him due to the cramped line quality.. well day's like that happen, moving on!

55: Back to more fluent and relaxed lines and no pain! yay! She based on one of the possible designs of the main character of the story I am actively working on. Crazy right? Something that might actually get finished! Not much else to say about her for now.

Well, that's a short list this week.. Next time there will be seven drawings and one video again. Time to pick up the pace!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Daily Characters week 8

It's 8 weeks of daily character drawings now. At this point it really has become a habit and I feel terrible when I miss one, which I did again this week, more on that later. I really struggled with my art in the last two years. Due to personal and work related problems I lost both focus and drive, made bad habits and so on. Taking on that challenge last December was a great tool to get back into drawing shape! Things are looking up! So on to the drawings!

 46: The dwarven love for beer, ale and mead starts at a fairly young age, especially in this little fellows case. At least he slept very early and peacefully that night.
After the initial thumbnail for this one I decided to record the process. I mean, if I get down to draw one everyday I easily could switch on OBS and revive my Youtube channel a bit! I'll try to record one of each week, most likely the Saturday one.

47: An crossbow sniper hiding behind a pavise during a siege. Well, it is more a stationary defense construct than an actual pavise, but you get the idea.

48: A very concerned orc warrior scolding me because I missed one daily again... Now and then I come home from work way to late... mostly due to issues with the train... and when I get home past 22 I often go to sleep immediately since I have to get up at 6 in the morning.... I need to change that soon.

49: As you can guess, I had a very rough and bad one that day. Sometimes you just don't have enough strength to cope and have to let it all out. And that is absolutely fine! Don't lock up that bullshit inside of you as it will always come back stronger than before. Let yourself go for a moment, be sad, angry or even furious for a moment, but don't stay there. Get it out of your system and move on forward! Drawing helps me a lot on those days since I can banish my emotions onto the paper / digital canvas, visualize what is going on, how I feel or whats missing which helps to cope understand and sort shit out.

50: On a... brighter note: half the way to 100! WOO! A friendly old wizard lady. I enjoy drawing old people the most because you can do soooo much to the proportions and shapes and they still look right! With young characters, as soon as you make one mark to many or to strong they immediately age 100 years... <.<

51: the colleague of the wizard lady from 50. She's more on the grumpy side most of the time, but still enjoys the the company of her little sprite friends. She didn't summon them or anything like that. They just appeared one day and stuck with her. They have proven themselves a great help on her trips to collect herbs and other ingredients for her alchemy experiments by warding off evil spirits and lesser monsters.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Daily Characters week 7

It's Friday, so here we go with this weeks daily collection! This time there are only 6... I missed one day because I forgot my mobile setup at work... I still drew in my sketchbook that day so.. I kind of did not miss it... ah what ever! lets go to the drawings!

40: I've spent that day drawing boxes, cylinders and spheres in different perspectives for practice and ended that drawing day with this little mage guy. Drawing this one showed me again my lack of understanding in regards of the fundamentals.. hence the practicing of shapes! Its fun and comparing this one to the previous dailies, I do see an improvement!

41: A young warrior in fear of what he is about to face! Little does he know the true horror of what he is about to face...nothing prepared him for the fluffy, giant Snugg!

42: A Mimic tamer. A while back I had an idea for a merchant in a fantasy rpg, using tamed mimics as storage / traps for thieves. And well, those mimics have to come from somewhere ;)

43: I was tired as the character that evening and fell asleep right after posting it. There are those day's where you just can't be bothered to do anything right because you're just too tired.

44: For a change I have a character from yet another story idea! HA!. The story and the characters in it are just a rough idea for now, existing mostly in my head and on some post it's. That's the good thing with the dailies: finally a space of time to get to all those little ideas.

45: A scout looking for enemies from  a higher position, thanks to his trusted "Portable high ground 2000 S MK 3" Codename " Stick".

Now it's time to ease in the weekend. I've got much to do again!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Daily Characters week6

Another week, another 6 characters! What started as a little challenge between an friend an me has developed in a fun warm-up - cool-down routine for me. Slowly it becomes a habit to end the work day, or start my personal drawing day on the weekend with one of those.

Let us get to the drawings:

33: the third character from the same short story as 32 and 31 of last week. There is also a third bandit which I might do on a day as well. I mostly did characters from stories of mine during this week. It feels so good to finally draw them or get back to them!

34: A character from another of my stories: Merlinde. I've been working on her story for years now. Writing, sketching, stopping, picking it up again, writing, stopping.. rinse and repeat! Last year I got the story to a point where I was really happy with it. There are still some plot holes and things that don't add up perfectly, but I'm getting close!

35: A random character for this day. I was home very late and just started doodling around, resulting in that... ehm.. sewer-kobold-with-a-tail kind of thing. There's not much else to this.

36: An old scribe with his slime apprentice. Yet again.. a short story D: .
the ideas keep on piling up.. well, at least I will not run out of things to do any time soon.

37: Was another day where I got very late out of the office, so I gave the apprentice slime another go. He is based on a pastel drawing I drew a while ago, which is where the short story with him and the scribe originated from. I think many of you experienced this: You draw something.. just fooling around and out of that a little character emerges. Now that its there, you start thinking about who he is, what he is doing, where he is from... and moments later a whole new world is born in your head :D

38: A City guard. A bit rough around the edges, grumpy, but all in all a nice guy. And you guessed it: he, or at least the concept behind him, is part of yet another story idea. A much bigger story this time I haven't explored in all detail yet, since I want to get to the small ones first. But during these daily drawings I enjoy tinkering with those concepts just for fun.

39 and end of week 6, the commander of the city watch. A stern old man, Veteran of a great war and keeper of peace. His design is one of the most developed in that story concept. Its mostly small details I am changing every time I draw him.

That's another week done! Each drawing I get more and more secure again... it feels great to get so much done after almost two years of what felt like stagnation!
Lets have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Dailies week 5!

With the " daily December challenge" being over, and mostly successful as well, I decided to continue the daily characters as part of my daily drawing routine, either as warm up or wind down practice.
So here we go!

26: A little gravedigger / robber kind of guy. I think this could be an interesting npc or enemy in a cemetery level of a game or story.

27: Draconid / Argonian worker. It's hard to make anthropomorphic reptiles to work properly. Especially the legs are a pain for me. A good practice for this would be looking at mammalian back legs or birds. Gonna go to the zoo again when winter is over!

28: With this one I started this years master studying. I want to improve my line and drawing skills, so I am taking a good look at other artists work and try to emulate / incorporate their way of drawing into my style. For character design I picked Carter Goodrich, Illustrator and character Designer at Pixar. Look him up, his work is stunning!

29 is a continuation of the "viking warrior" theme of 29. I spent the previous day studying Carter Goodrich, which starts showing in my selection of shapes and flow. I overdid it here but it is fun to bend a form until the anatomy breaks :D

30: That day I went through the drawings and paintings from the last four years. I rediscovered a lot of older stories and ideas, waiting to finally be finished and published. I thought: well I could use the dailies sometimes to work on them, explore them again! so that's what I did here.

31: Besides drawing I've also found my love for writing again. When I was younger I used to write a lot for my comics. I dropped it when I started my apprenticeship and forgot about it when when I started working in the games industry. Which was stupid, because storytelling has been the reason why I started drawing in the first place! I might write a longer blogpost about that in the future but for now: the Characters! 31 and 32 below are both from one of my short stories. I haven't written a lot of them out yet. Most of them are still a amalgamation of scribbles, chunks of text and post it clouds. But I am getting back to it. The only problem is to decide which comes first D:

Anyway! That's it for week 5 of the dailies. I'll continue the Carter Goodrich studies for a while now. I really enjoy working like this!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

December challenge week 4

Week four of the December daily characters is done. I've decided to continue these dailies in the next year and post the collection at the end of the week. Also I won't be catching up the missing 4. Sucks but in half a year I won't remember that anyway :p

On we go then!
As stated in the last week, I stopped making up character classes for a RPG. Instead I drew what came to mind, mostly as a warm up in the morning before working on projects of personal paintings.

Grandma ready for battle! Most likely because one of her grandchildren seem a bit hungry.. you know that kind of grandmas ;). Of cause in her prime she was a revered swords woman, keeping the peace in the land and beating up bandits. Now in retirement, she keeps the peace in her kitchen.. and still beats up bandits now and then.

That's it for the last week of December. This daily routine proves as a great practice. I get faster and more relaxed again each drawing. Also I see my mistakes again, which is the most important thing when you want to improve.

This will also be the last post for 2016 but I will write up a post mortem of my art and progress during this year early next week. I hope you come good into 2017, lets make it a good one!