What happend to the Dailies and a look into the future

Hello Everyone!
It has been a while since my last post, once again. I'm terribly sorry about that.
With this post I want to catch you up on what has been going on lately and tell you the reasons why I stopped posting them here.
Also I want to tell you what has happened lately and where the future of this blog is headed.

Lets start with what was going on lately.
The last two months have been very stressful. I moved house and my daily commute rose to more than 4 hours. I basically came home and hat to go to bed almost immediately if I wanted to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sticking to a daily routine during that time was impossible for me. The weekends mostly went into much needed breaks or pre-production of projects I want to get to. I only drew a few now and then and shared them via Instagram .
Well, that job ended this week and I have too look for a new one, make new and better portfolios and so on. But I finally have time to draw for myself, so that's a plus!

So, what will t…

Daily Drawings week 18 and 19

The next batch of dailies, finally! I am very busy right now. Between finding a new place to live, looking for a new job and preparing, reworking portfolios and the commute to my current workplace I rarely have time for anything else at the moment. I hope you can excuse the resulting lack of posting here. I still share my dailies on twitter (@MarschelArts) and Instagram (marcelgroeber) but I can't get one done every day. Once everything calms down a bit I will get back to my original schedule. Until then, lets go through the images of the last two weeks, shall we?

107: For the images to come I've decided to design some monsters. After drawing more happy, funny and nice things for the most part of the dailies, it was time to let my " darker " side out for a walk. So I drew some monsters, starting with one of the more classic, low level enemies, the skeleton warrior.

108: The second monster, a mine / cave bat. Got more cute than intended oô. These big bats have been t…

Happy Easter 2017!

Hello everyone and happy easter to you!
Same as last year, I made an illustration for a postcard print to be send to family, friends and customers. I reused the characters I created for last years painting, further telling their story

"Sir Haresley, once again charged with protection of his orders sacred Idol, the Silver Egg of the great Easter. After it was stolen just the year before, the elders of the order decided to move it to a safer location after this years grand ceremony. His route to a protected fortress leads him through a dense forest where danger might lurk behind every tree..."
Sadly the prints for my friends and family will arrive late due to delivery issues. I hope they won't mind receiving them a week past Easter :p 

You can see the painting process here on my Youtube channel

Daily Drawings week 16 and 17... Catch up post!

I've been rather lazy with my blog lately for no good reason other than.. being lazy?
But the daily drawings continued none the less. So this one will be a catch up post to bring you up to speed. So buckle up, there are a lot drawings to go through!

I present: The Pillow fighters! A set of characters that sprung from a silly dream I had about a huge pillow battle. A huge battlefield with trenches, barricades bunkers and all that stuff but the forces fighting where kids with pillows as weapons and armor. So I spent approximately one week just with characters inspired by that dream

93: There's not much to say about the characters themselves. No big backstory or description. Most of them are directly inspired by characters from said dream

94: And yes. In the dream some had shoulder pads and body armor made of pillows or cardboard, both loosely tethered to the body by strings or rope. Some had cardboard helmets and shields as well.

95: Some fought wild like berserkers, jumping all…

Daily Drawings week 15 and a short talk about taking breaks

Again a delay, I really sorry about that! But this time, there's a rather good reason for it. I took A break from both the dailies and the internet as a whole for about a week to focus on portfolio stuff and to get a clear head. Because of that I also forgot to post last weeks summery. More on that later, lets get to the drawings first.

88: Father and son on the road. Playing with shapes, especially in the design of the father. As I get more loose and relaxed in drawing again, I start to experiment more in the scribble phase. Sadly it did not translate that well into the final drawing, but I'm getting there.

89: Throne-Shroom guard on duty! Keeping a watchful eye over the mossy forest floor. The little guy behind him is a rookie in training. He still has to get the stern look right but at least he's eager to be on the job.

90: Little fairy girl with her doggo friend. And boy do I need to practice drawing animals... and I should use reference when I do that D':
I got g…

Daily Drawings week 14

Late post for week 14! I actually forgot to to click on publish... Well, on we go then! This week was a bit rougher on the time side which results in more line drawings and less rendering. Which is not a bad thing per se. Getting the lines right is a very important skill. If you manage to get your characters right and alive with just the lines your finished piece will look more alive as well. At least if you don't render it to death :p

82: Ah, the honor of guard duty for the daughters of the chieftain... well, at least he'll smell good and look fancy afterwards!

82: Again, a man on guard duty, sort of. In general it is not a good idea to sleep in duty, especially when the sergeant might be around.

83: An elder ghost telling his newly... ahm "born" brethren some good night spooks. After all, the best way to teach is to encapsulate the information inside of a story!

84: Adventurous young lady out in the countryside. Storytelling and more pencil rendering practice!


Daily drawings week 13

One more week gone! I mostly continued with the cross hatching style from last week. This shading technique really sticks to me and I'll continue practicing it for a while longer.

76: Comfort zoning to get the week going. Since I was sick at home I had the time to spent on shading. Although I can't recommend doing that with a fever. Took way longer than it should have!

77: Old wizard and his assistant and apprentice. She knew what she was getting into when she took that position. Still it was hard to imagine what people meant by saying: You'll be a muscle wizard after that!

78: capturing my mood after 3 days of being stuck at home with fever. yearning for the sweet release of being outside, relaxing in the sun. Well, its good to be able to express such feelings through art. I'm really looking forward to spring / summer. Being outside drawing and sketching in the sun.

79: More hoping for summer, traveling and hiking! I'ts been really long since I have been on a real…